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Give The Gift Of An Experience: We’ve Got The Perfect Experience-Gift Idea For Spring and Summer!

Updated: May 4, 2023

Romance Is In The Air In Our New Orleans Boutique

In our previous blog post we mentioned how visiting our historic, French quarter location with your significant other to select one of our niche perfumes should be at the top of anyone’s list of “Romantic Things To Do In New Orleans.”

In keeping with the above, when organizing a bachelorette weekend in New Orleans for one of your favorite gal pals, why not include a visit to our quaint boutique, so the future bride can pick out a special scent for her wedding day or honeymoon? Or, if you’re looking for a unique bridal shower gift, consider giving that special bride-to-be an IOU for a trip to our perfume shop where you’ll treat her to the scent of her choice. We are also a New Orleans "go-to" spot for groomsmen gifts. Check out this popular gift idea for groomsmen and the best man!

Experience Gifts Are Personal, Fun, and Memorable

Some of the gifts we remember most are those that caused us to “experience”

This is a gray square image that says in purple text at the top "Give The Gift Of An Experience This Spring Or Summer!" The image contains one small image in the middle left and one middle right. One shows students in caps and gowns graduating and the other shows a wedding reception table and has a display that says bride and groom on wooden shaped hearts. The image also contains the logo of our  New Orleans perfume store, and says "Visit Our Shop in New Orleans' French Quarter!"

something, like tickets to a concert or play, or a gift certificate to a favorite or new restaurant or hotel. You get the picture! In addition to creating romantic occasions for, or acknowledging romantic events of, important individuals in your life, planning a trip to our New Orleans historic location can also serve as the perfect way to honor other special people in your life this spring or summer.

What mom or grandmother wouldn’t enjoy a special trip with their favorite daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson to our unique New Orleans perfume store? The same goes for that near-and-dear-to-your-heart high school graduate or college graduate. The gift of fun, quality time spent with you, plus the scent your gift recipient purchases, will make for a memorable, long-lasting gift. Since perfume is often viewed as a luxury, and something we don’t tend to buy for ourselves, we think it makes for a unique graduation gift or sentimental mother’s day gift that will make any gift recipient feel special and loved!

Stop By New Orleans’ All-in-One Best Boutique, Gift Shop, and Souvenir Shop

We like to think of ourselves as the best boutique in New Orleans because of our rich “vieux carre” history and fun décor, but we also think we’re one of the best gift shops and best souvenir shops in NOLA because our unique scents make for a special reminder for visitors of their time spent in our beautiful city. Or, the beautiful niche fragrances can conjure up the feelings of being in New Orleans French Quarter for whomever receives them as a gift from someone who has visited here.

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