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Mardi Gras Souvenir Scents

As the scent goes from the most exclusive niche fragrance shop in the French Quarter, 2023 Mardi Gras in New Orleans surpassed sensory expectations!

With the warmest Mardi Gras weather in 100 years, colorful costumes to view, catching beads, and tasty King Cakes, everyone Let the Good Times Roll! Revelers experienced sensory overload that carnival time always delivers as one of the most fun events in New Orleans. Many tourists stopped by Madame Aucoin Perfume shop to find the perfect souvenir of scent that happens to be tied closest to memory. Did you know that the olfactory sense is the closest sensory experience to memory? They scented exclusive niche fragrance brands from Ormonde Jayne, Marc-Antoine Barrios, Eight and Bob, E'tat Libre d'Orange, Memo Paris, and Jean-Charles Brosseau. Stop by the shop next time you are nearby and find a unique, hard-to-find, long lasting scent as a perfect souvenir or gift that is forever and effortless. Cheers and Happy Mardi Gras Memories!

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