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French Leather | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris

French Leather | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris


A Rose Affair

What is being French all about? Being deceptively casual.
Not quite nonchalant. Leather that rises up beneath the
rose. A sparkle in the eye. Style, even offhand. Having a
table of choice in a favourite café. The smell of suede
inside a handbag. A certain idea of style. Talent. Just one
cigarette. Lime. Faith in one's destiny. Taking trivial things
seriously. Knowing how to combine opposites. Knowing
the name of each bridge in Paris. Cedar. Learning to hide
one's thorns. The glimpse of a shoulder. Charm. Never
being totally lost. Inventing ancestors. Well-placed beauty
spots. Pink pepper. Improvising. Being right. Knowing the
right moment to undress. Musk. Kissing.

Lime essence, pink pepper essence, juniper essence, rose
essence, clary sage essence, cedar essence, styrax resin,
vetiver, musk, suede accord.

For Product Purchases and Inquiries

We are happy to assist with online purchases and shipping but encourage visiting our shop in the French Quarter, New Orleans to select your exquisite and exclusive niche fragrance. 

Let us know how the scent wears if you visited the shop! We are happy to fulfill your order online. 


Scent selection is personal for everyone and takes time to find a unique scent for you!


All the best, Jen and Jay

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