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Irish Leather | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris

Irish Leather | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris


Wind of Leather

It’s one of those icy, biting mornings. The sun scarcely
manages to break through the heavy grey clouds. The air
is crisp and dry, and the wind slips beneath my clothes.
The North wind whips the grass that sticks to my boots. I
walk into the stable and swing open the wooden tack
room doors, freeing the burning scent of leather, wood,
amber and honey. Its age-old odor stands out sharply in
the frozen morning air. My horse whinnies softly. It’s the
smell of her freedom. The leather gathers in the wind, the
grass warms with the wood. Irish Leather gallops off into
the horizon.


Pink pepper, oil of clary sage, juniper berry, green maté
absolute, oil of flouve, iris concrete, tonka bean absolute,
leather accord, oil of birch, amber accord

For Product Purchases and Inquiries

We are happy to assist with online purchases and shipping but encourage visiting our shop in the French Quarter, New Orleans to select your exquisite and exclusive niche fragrance. 

Let us know how the scent wears if you visited the shop! We are happy to fulfill your order online. 


Scent selection is personal for everyone and takes time to find a unique scent for you!


All the best, Jen and Jay

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