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Marble Surface
Marfa | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris

Marfa | 75ml/2.5fl.oz | MEMO Paris


The eye of a tuberose

Marfa: your theatre, your poem, your creation, your invention.


Your eyes riveted on the sky, the desert is forgotten. Tuberoseis your star and your shepherd. There will be mystery, theinfinite hidden behind the decor, silence beneath the cacti. Aslo-mo Western in a series of artistically edited sequenceshots. As the milky way blazes an azure trail, you fly by so quickly;the road, half-cedar, half-sandalwood, rises before you.Monolithic shadows come to greet you, sculptures ordream-like rocky mountains, their worlds intertwining. You know how to stop the wind, meld musk with the strident andstriped colour of neon light, lift the dust from orange blossom.It matters not that you are oppressed by the heat, drunk onblue, driven by memories. Guided by the final gleam of ylang, you take vanilla’s hand. Here your life is a storybook.



Oil of mandarin, Orange blossom absolute, Agave accord,Tuberose absolute, Oil of ylang ylang, Oil of sandalwood, Oilof cedar, Vanilla seed

For Product Purchases and Inquiries

We are happy to assist with online purchases and shipping but encourage visiting our shop in the French Quarter, New Orleans to select your exquisite and exclusive niche fragrance. 

Let us know how the scent wears if you visited the shop! We are happy to fulfill your order online. 


Scent selection is personal for everyone and takes time to find a unique scent for you!


All the best, Jen and Jay

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