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Discovery Lab Signature Collection (7)2ml | Ormonde Jayne

Discovery Lab Signature Collection (7)2ml | Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne's Magnificent 7. Our new mini “Discovery Lab”, a box of 7 delightful fragrances each with a brochure explaining our philosophy and perfume notes.


Signature Collection
Champaca, Frangipani, Tolu, Ta'if, Amber Royal, Ormonde Woman, Ormonde Man


Choose your favourite set - pick a new perfume each day. First thing in the morning, after bathing, spray liberally before coffee or breakfast corrupts your sense of smell. Keep it in your pocket, top up in the afternoon. Let your loved ones comment. Smell your clothes the next day. Take note and write down your thoughts to look back on.

For Product Purchases and Inquiries

We are happy to assist with online purchases and shipping but encourage visiting our shop in the French Quarter, New Orleans to select your exquisite and exclusive niche fragrance. 

Let us know how the scent wears if you visited the shop! We are happy to fulfill your order online. 


Scent selection is personal for everyone and takes time to find a unique scent for you!


All the best, Jen and Jay

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