A fragrance in black and white.


Notes: Vetiver, Vanilla, Leather, Smoke.

Aspects: Mysterious, Powdery, Brutal, Nostalgic. 


Silent Films opens with an aromatic burst of old-world lavender and mint, and settles to reveal a hypnotic and cool heart of vanilla and black spicy earth; before the night is gone, it gives way to a smoldering, powdery, and purely addictive drydown of seductive leathers, musks, and smoke. 

Dark, cool, and narcotic, this animal is cast in polar absolutes: no fruit; no flowers; no noise. This perfume is not as a warm and rosy body itself, but like an uncanny image of the body, a mercurial impersonation--almost as if in a mirror, or projected on a screen…where black is very black indeed, and white shines out like silver. 


Made in U.S.A./ Fabrique en E-U.

Goest Perfumes

1154 N. western Ave.

Los Angeles, CA. 90029

GOEST - Silent Films Mini Flacon

  • 5 ml/ .17 fl oz. EDP Mini Flacon

  • 60 ml/ 2 fl oz. EDT Atomizer

    8 ml/ .27 fl oz. EDT Rollerball

    5 ml/ .17 fl oz. EDP Mini Flacon