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Make Mother’s Day (Or Any Day) Memorable!

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

When we think back on certain milestones, celebrations, and holidays in our life, what we treasure most is not the gifts we received, but the precious time we got to spend with friends and family. All the joy, smiles, and laughter. Those are the memories that really stick with us!

Image that is ombre -- fades from pink to orange. Says "Make Mother's Day Memorable!" Within the square image it has a photo of three generations of smiling women . It also says "Schedule A Trip To Our French Quarter Perfume Shop With Your Mom, Grandma, Wife, Godmother, Or Other Special Woman In Your Life!  The image contains the logo of our French Quarter New Orleans Perfume Shop.

So, why not create a very special memory for your mom, grandma, godmother, or another important woman in your life by bringing her by our French Quarter store to pick out a unique fragrance while experiencing the unique, quaint experience of our historic New Orleans perfume shop?

As we called out in our blog post about “Experience Gifts,” a gift that supports your spending quality time with the gift recipient is both one of the most meaningful gifts and memorable gifts you could give a loved one. And, as we discuss in our “Score Points With The Women In Your Life When Visiting New Orleans” blog post, we think scheduling a visit to our special New Orleans boutique on or around Mother’s Day, or simply issuing an “IOU” that you make sure you deliver on, will go a long way in deepening the strong bond you already have with the important women in your life!

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