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Make This The Year Your Holiday Gifts Are More Meaningful And Personal

Shop Early To Ensure Your Holiday Gifts Are Thoughtful

Sure, Halloween is still several days away, and in keeping with the aforementioned holiday, it may be scary to think about it, but the fall and winter holiday season will soon be upon us! So, it’s not too soon to start thinking about holiday gift-giving. In fact, it’s the ideal time! Our own experience with holiday gift-buying has been this – the longer we wait to start making our shopping list, and then, ordering gifts online or buying them in-person, the less special and personal they become.

Let’s face it. When late November and early December roll around, there are so many competing demands for our limited time – holiday card addressing and sending, hosting gatherings for friends and/or family members, and attending events to which we’re invited, and that’s just on the personal front! If you run your own business or work for someone else, it’s likely there’s year-end work that needs to be completed, and/or planning and preparation for the upcoming new year!

This is an image with a ombre background that goes from a lighter blue to a darker blue. The image has a snowy, wintry feeling because it says "Make This The Year Your Holiday Gifts Are More Meaningful and Personal" and then has a picture beneath that phrase of four small packages wrapped in blue, silver, and white. Underneath the packages  is the logo for our New Orleans perfume store, Madame Aucoin Perfume.

Give The Personalized Holiday Gift Of An Experience

In addition to shopping early, another way to avoid giving a Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday gift that gives the impression you put no time or thought into it, is to give an “experience gift.”

As we highlighted in our blog posts about making Father’s Day and Mother’s Day memorable, however you refer to such a gift – experiential or experience – many individuals prefer to give and get gifts that provide for an experience vs. gifting or receiving gifts that may never get used. Think small home or office decorations/knickknacks, or a clothing item that doesn’t suit the recipient’s taste. Giving the gift of an experience, particularly when a gift card is given or an IOU for an excursion is created and shared, allows the user to pick an event or tangible item of THEIR choice. Who doesn’t love a gift they’ll actually use, and even better, a gift that builds anticipation and offers some upcoming fun!

How We Can Help You Give The Holiday Gift Of Perfume Or Cologne

Got someone in your life who loves scents? Why not give the personalized gift of a visit to our store where they can shop with you, or shop by themselves, to pick out a fragrance? We offer a couple of convenient ways for you to bestow such a gift on a favorite friend, family member, or significant other, as well as a couple of easy ways for your gift recipients to redeem their gift.

So, don’t just give a generic gift that will go unused this year. Give one that’s sure to make the recipient feel extra-special! And, if the recipient is the object-of-your-affection, perfume/cologne makes for a very romantic holiday gift, and we love all things romantic, as you’ll see from our recent blog post about romantic things to do in French Quarter New Orleans.

We wish all our readers a very healthy, happy, safe, and peaceful holiday season!

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