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Small Business Perfume Life In the French Quarter, New Orleans

Updated: May 4, 2023

As we publish this blog post, small business week is being celebrated across the U.S., so it's the perfect time to share what daily life is like for a small business like our New Orleans perfume shop.

Customers tell us all the time how GOOD it smells in our little and quaint perfume shop in New Orleans French Quarter. They even notice the delightful scent just passing by the shop and mention how much fun it must be to operate a business in such a historic, vibrant place. Each day brings something new and exciting! Like the building our French Quarter store inhabits, all the buildings that surround us are examples of beautiful European architecture. Also, what’s not to love about the many gorgeous, intricate balconies found on buildings everywhere throughout this oldest section of New Orleans?

Founded by the French in the 1700s, our historic neighborhood boasts buildings designed and built by French, and later on, Spanish architects. That, combined with European-style markets, and beautiful parks, makes any French Quarter visitor feel like they’ve visited Europe for the day.

And, of course, we adore seeing so many individuals – tourists and residents – taking advantage of, and enjoying, everything our wonderful city has to offer! Like our visitors, we enjoy the diverse street performances – many of which include jazz music – dancers, singers, instrument players, small bands, acrobats, you name it. Music comes from every corner of the French quarter and what’s better for one’s soul than lively, uplifting music!

This is a square ombre image that fades from blue to purple to pink from left to right. It contains  the logo of our New Orleans perfume shop in the middle and says at the  Top "Small Business Week" and at the bottom "This Week and Every Week We Want To Thank Those Who Visit and Support Our Small Business In New Orleans' French Quarter!"

Fun Things To Do In New Orleans French Quarter

So many tourists from other parts of the United States or the world visit our quaint, special shop on a daily basis. Each and every day, we look forward to seeing and learning what cities and countries customers visit from. Whether it’s your first visit to the French Quarter, or your 20th visit, we hope you’ll stop by our shop to learn about our long, rich French Quarter history and explore our high-end luxury, niche scents. We’re glad to share the many benefits of having a perfume business here, and let you in on some of our favorite places to visit in the Quarter.

All of the above is why we think a visit to the French Quarter is at the top of any list of “what to do in New Orleans,” and a visit to our perfume shop is at the top of any list of “fun things to do in New Orleans French Quarter, ” “romantic things to do in New Orleans” and “unique things to do in New Orleans.”

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