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Why New Orleans Makes For A Great Romantic Day Or Overnight Trip

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

This is a blue pink and purple ombre square image that reads "Visit New Orleans For A Romantic Day Or Overnight Trip! " at the top and "And Be Sure To Stop by Our French Quarter Perfume Shop!" at the bottom. The image also contains in the middle the logo of our New Orleans boutique, and two red hearts surround our logo.

In our most recent “Romantic Things to Do In New Orleans French Quarter” blog post, we shared our favorite romantic places to visit in NOLA’s “Vieux Carre.” This includes a trip to our quaint, historic perfume shop, of course!

This particular post is more about general categories of romantic things you’ll want to do in New Orleans vs. specific places, although we’ll share a few of those too (and, it covers various parts of New Orleans, not just the French Quarter!).

  1. Shop for Something Sentimental – Whether you’re looking for something for you and your special somebody to remember your trip, like a jewelry item or cologne/perfume, or a souvenir for someone else from your visit, New Orleans has so many unique boutiques to find that very meaningful and/or memorable item, particularly in the French Quarter. So, visit our cozy, unique French quarter New Orleans boutique for a scent that will remind you of your time in our fabulous city, or that will transport the gift recipient to NOLA!

  2. Go on a Bakery Run – New Orleans is known for its delicious, unreplicable beignets (think fried donut) and croissants, plus “King Cakes” and other Mardi Gras sweets. So, check out one of NOLA’s numerous yummy bakeries or cafés, like Cafe du Monde with your sweetheart!

  3. Go Cruising – Take a relaxing, picturesque boat ride to the historic neighborhood of Algiers, or listen to jazz or get a history lesson on another Mississippi River Boat cruise. Or, charter a boat on gorgeous Lake Pontchartrain!

  4. Watch the River Roll – Visit one of numerous scenic, outdoors public venues that allow for both strolling and taking in beautiful views of the mighty Mississippi River and the steamships and barges that travel it, like Woldenberg Park.

  5. Tune into the Jazz Scene – Whether you stop to listen to free outdoors performances in our vibrant city, or visit an indoors jazz club where jazz legends have performed, you don’t want to miss out on listening to that special combination of trombone, trumpet, and cornet music our wonderful city is known for! We wouldn’t be surprised if the music has you dancing in the streets, and what’s not romantic about that?

Need more ideas of romantic places to visit and romantic things to do in New Orleans, particularly NOLA’s French Quarter? Keep visiting our Fragscents blog and/or stop by our scents shop for our recommendations!

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