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Best Things To Do In New Orleans In October and November

If you’re an avid reader and fan of our “Fragscents” blog, you’ll know that we’ve created and shared our own list of things to do in New Orleans, including our list of romantic things to do in the French Quarter, and romantic things to do in NOLA, in general.

Things To Do In Fall In New Orleans

This time around, we thought we’d share some of the lists that other New Orleans’ organizations and residents have created. We had so much fun checking these lists out, and even as long-time NOLA business owners and residents, we learned something new and hope you will too!

What To Wear/How To Dress In New Orleans In Fall

Image of French beignets and creamy looking coffee in a coffee cup, placed on a table. Image shown to depict fall in New Orleans, and square orange ombre image says "Fall Is A Fabulous Time To Visit New Orleans" and "Be Sure To Stop By Our French Quarter Perfume Shop!" Image also has our NOLA perfumerie's logo for Madame Aucoin Perfume.

While we were searching for ideas for the above list, we noticed that many individuals search on what to pack and wear in New Orleans in fall. Of course, the nature of what you wear depends on the event(s) you’ll be attending, and the activities in which you’ll be participating, but in general, New Orleans tends to still be warm during the day in the fall, but cools down at night.

We think this advice from “Trip Savvy” makes a lot of sense, based on what we’ve experienced ourselves related to autumn weather: “During the day, the weather will be warm. You can get away with short sleeves, shorts, skirts, and capri pants, but have some layers on hand in case it cools down at night or you spend some time in an overly air-conditioned store or restaurant, which is common in New Orleans.”

Of course, as the owners of a beloved French Quarter perfumerie, we say perfume and cologne can and should be worn any time of year, regardless of the season or weather!

Stop By Our French Quarter New Orleans Perfume Shop This Fall!

So, whether you live in the area and are out and about enjoying all that fall brings to New Orleans, or are making a day, weekend or week-long trip to our lively, beautiful city, come by our quaint French Quarter boutique and treat yourself or a friend or family member to one of our many special scents!

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